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2am Flight, Five Assemblies

After a delayed flight that landed me in San Diego at 2am, I slept only a couple of hours before heading to Roosevelt Middle School to put on FIVE assemblies. I was beyond exhausted after seven hours of speaking and performing, but it was worth it. I loved every second of it and was grateful for the opportunity to speak and hopefully inspire these young minds.

Mental health is that important to me. I will drive three hours in a snowstorm, like I did for Mount Logan Middle School last week, or stand on my feet for seven hours like I did yesterday for Roosevelt if it means helping at least a few of these students to manage their anxiety, stress, and depression. We need more solutions for mental health, and MUSIC is a major solution! My message is important, and I hope to have the opportunity to share it with hundreds of schools across the country!

Music for Mental Health
Shaun Barrowes at Roosevelt Middle School

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