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With the Power of the Blank Page, rekindle your creative genius to conquer every challenge and drive breakthrough innovation.


Da Vinci


Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach
Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach
Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach

"At age 5, 98% of us are creative geniuses. As adults, only 2% of us are. With the Da Vinci Approach, we can reverse this and rekindle our creative genius."

3 Steps to Relight the Creative Fire

Time and again, the three-step method I've dubbed the "Da Vinci Approach" has proven to be my secret weapon. More than just a strategy, it's a transformative experience that makes us competitive in innovation and problem-solving, allowing us to reach goals and solutions that were once thought not possible. This approach has helped me solve the unsolvable, achieve the unachievable, and dream again.   

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

It's easy to think that only the most polished performances should be staged, only the most flawless events should be held, and only the most complete works of art should be published. But art doesn't work that way, and neither should anything else. Creativity is never perfect, and neither are we. If we wait for perfection, we'll be waiting forever. Embracing the "Almost" frees us from the fear of failure and the shackles of unrealistic expectations. Shoot for the moon, and be content with wherever you land. I learned this valuable lesson at a concert in Dallas, from a young trumpet player named Jordan. 

Master of 17

We've all heard the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." While I agree we can't master ALL trades, I disagree with the overall sentiment. If it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something, we can master 17 skills or trades in our lifetimes and still retire at 72. People often tell you to "stay in your lane." Well, what if your "lane" is a 17-lane freeway? Maybe my lane includes being a pianist, singer, composer, author, speaker, chef, soccer player, comedian, and more. Who says we can't be" I say we should. 

Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach
Power of the Blank Page

Shaun's Bestselling Musical Fantasy Series:

The Paradise Planets by Shaun Barrowes

What Schools Are Saying


Steven Fisher -

Vice Principal

Lakeridge Jr High

"...Shaun was engaging from start to finish! He quickly captured our students' interest with his musical talent and held their engagement throughout with his story of perseverance and resilience. I must have asked 100 plus students after the event how they liked it and it was overwhelmingly positive!"

Thane Hutchinson 

Vice Principal 

Mount Logan Middle 

"Shaun utilizes his abilities to bring the message straight to the students and staff in a way that kept everyone engaged and focused the entire duration of the assembly. We would highly recommend Shaun! We want him to come back to our school again soon."

Bryson Gray

Choir Teacher

Spanish Fork High 

"Shaun's assembly with Spanish Fork High School music students was AWESOME! The students were totally engaged and invested the entire time. His energy is infectious and he inspired our students. We loved having him here!"

Choose Your Keynote Topic

Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach

Student Leadership

"You don't need to be a star to shine. Your creative fire is bright enough to light the darkening sky, so go fill it with your own constellations!"


We lead through innovation. As leaders, we are faced with unique challenges that require specifically tailored solutions. That's exactly what the Da Vinci Approach does. With his three-decade career in the music industry, Shaun has solved the unsolvable and achieved the unachievable with his Da Vinci Approach.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this program, audiences will be able to: 

1. Unlock their creative potential, giving them the ammunition to excel at innovation, resilience, conflict resolution, and leadership. 

2. Visualize a world of options and possibilities for unique solutions, original ideas, advanced strategies, and paradigm shifts. 

3. Create actionable goals to make a lasting difference. 

4. Take their plans and realize them without hesitation, charging into the unknown to explore new horizons and conquer new challenges.

5. Create habits for competitive problem-solving and innovation.

Student Leadership


Mental Health

"When you follow my Da Vinci Approach, you learn to harness creativity to build a strong foundation for emotional and mental balance." As one who has dealt with anxiety and depression for the duration of his life, Shaun pulls from personal experience and shares insights into how music can help all of us strengthen and better manage our mental and emotional health. 

Learning Objectives

As a result of this program, audiences will be able to: 

1. Learn how to find and harness creative outlets to help them better manage their emotional and mental health challenges.

2. Curate a Power Playlist of creative outlets to attain mental and emotional balance for enhanced well-being.

3.  Learn how to turn mental and emotional obstacles into discoveries of strength and self-confidence.

4. Build self-confidence, empowering them to confidently navigate the challenges of the world and make a meaningful impact. 

5. Leave with straightforward and effective steps to improve their mental and emotional health.

Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach

Career Prep

"When you don't fear the Almosts, you're free to charge into the unknown with all reckless abandon, discovering a life of success and adventure!" Shaun Barrowes has conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges by rewriting the narrative and transforming almosts into success time and time again. He divulges his extraordinary journey and imparts profound insights into the numerous triumphs he has achieved throughout his career, all while entertaining audiences of all sizes with his thrilling and engaging musical performances. 

Learning Objectives

As a result of this program, audiences will be able to: 

1. Learn how to harness the true power of creativity to find emotional and mental balance, think outside the box for new and unique solutions, and find the motivation and drive to excel. 

2. Develop habits that will help them overcome challenges and setbacks of all kinds, so they can transform them into opportunities for growth and success.

3. Confront their heavy emotions to restore their foundations of balance, allowing them to take charge of their life and careers. 

4. Learn how to explore new and unique solutions, paradigm shifts, and possible outcomes to create the best possible opportunities. 

5.  Build a blueprint and make a solid, actionable plan for their careers. 

6. Build self-confidence, empowering them to confidently navigate the challenges of the world and make a meaningful impact. 

About Shaun Barrowes

Award-Winning, Bestselling YA Fantasy Author

Keynote Speaker of the Da Vinci Approach

Emmy-Nominated Composer for his song, "Army of Kings"

The Paradise Planets by Shaun Barrowes

Top 30 Contestant on 
American Idol, Season 7

Performer with Bands/Artists including: Janelle Monae
Imagine Dragons 
Lindsey Stirling

Songwriter for Jackie Chan and his Green Heroes tour

Shaun Barrowes, songwriter for Jackie Chan
Shaun Barrowes, 450 Million YouTube views

Songwriter, Music Producer, and Video Co-Producer for "Being Awesome", with almost 430 Million Views on YouTube

Singer and Songwriter for the theme song "Light of the Day/Dark of the Night" for Shadow Complex by Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite. 

Shaun Barrowes, composer for makers of Fortnite
Shaun Barrowes, award winning songwriter

Winner of $30,000 Songwriting contest, Slice the Pie

Shaun Barrowes, composer of show choir theme song
Shaun Barrowes, composer of marching band theme song

Featured Guest performer for Drum Corps International and Bands of America at Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis), and for Fame ShowChoirs National Championship

Producer and Performer of Reel Sessions at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London

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