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Music for Mental Health - Time by Hans Zimmer

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The song "Time" by Hans Zimmer is one of my all-time favorites. Not only is it a compelling track in its own right with all the layers and interesting music textures, but the composition itself is cathartic. Listening to the theme repeat with new variations frees my mind to explore. When I'm faced with a struggle or problem, I'm often plagued with crippling anxiety. Most of the time, I don't even know what the problem is at first. Listening to "Time", it melts the stress away so my brain can function and assess the damage. Why am I feeling this way? Suddenly, it dawns on me. I see the problem, and now, as I listen to this track develop with introductions to new instrumentation, I find my thoughts naturally wandering to possible solutions. The "maybes" and "what ifs" start to permeate my thoughts until I've found numerous answers to my question. This track is therapeutic for me, and therefore is a staple on all of my mental and emotional health playlists.


Therapeutic songs for anxiety and depression
Hans Zimmer Time for my Mental Health Playlist

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