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What are your Headphones of Choice in 2023?

What headphones are you using in 2023?

What headphones are you using in 2023
Best Headphones of 2023

Listening to music is such an important part of every day. We all need the break to process our emotions. Life gets too busy and chaotic otherwise. #mentalhealth and #emotionalhealth are vital now more than ever, and traipsing through the day with a thunderstorm of emotions isn't going to help anyone. Take time out of your day to stop, do nothing, and just listen to music that inspires you.

What music inspires you? It could be an old, nostalgic song that reminds you of a time when you endured something difficult, maybe it's a song with a lyrically positive message, maybe it's a piece that you and your friends currently share and that social bond lifts you, or maybe it's a new piece with musical complexities that unlock a deeply intertwining web of emotions inside you. Whatever it is, listen to it and find your calm.

But what headphones do you use? Or what sound system?

I've been experimenting with many different brands and models of headphones. I often switch between various models of Sennheiser headphones, but I also have some simple Audio-Technica studio cans and a pair of wireless Yamaha e700s. But I'm always on the lookout for a new pair. It's amazing how the same song can sound so different when you swap out your headphones or speakers. I'd love to hear your recommendations!

by: Shaun Barrowes

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